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Engraving Machine


 UE 3

- Max. Working area    400 x 300 (mm)
- Spindle power           1500 watt
- Cooling                      Water recirculation
- Limit switch                6 units (3 axis)

This engraving machine is perfect for small and precise work. this machine is often used to engrave name tag, 3D acrylic sign, souvenir, wood block, etc.

the link to computer provide a wide range of design to your engraving. You design you artwork in the computer and engrave it.

the machine can engrave name tag board, wood, acrylic, metal, etc.
it can cut the material into preferred shape.
Engraving Machine UE2

 UE 2

- Max. Working area    300 x 200 (mm)
- Spindle power           500 watt
- Cooling                      Forced Air Cooled
- Limit switch                6 units (3 axis)

Engraving Sample

Stencil                                Door Sign                                                                    Common Seal

Pocket Seal                      Door Slot

Name Tag

Machine Tag