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Rubber Stamp MachineRubber Stamp Machine

Exposure Area: 30cm x 21cm (A4)

4 Bulbs

Come with minutes timer


Start to make your rubber stamp with our rubber stamp machine

You need only small space to make rubber stamp. It is very good if you are

- having a shop in shopping complex

- want to make small investment in rubber stamp

We provide you all the materials needed for rubber stamp making.

Rubber Stamp Machine 2

Rubber stamp Machine for high production

- Exposure area: super A3

- Two trays avilable for exposure

- Stainless steel body

Upgrade version of the portable rubber stamp machine

Rubber Stamp Material

Rubber Stamp Holders

Rubber Stamp Holders

Various kind and size are available

- Classic rubber stamp holder
   (over 100 sizes)

- Self-inking holder

- Handy stamp


The base material for rubber stamp making

Packing: 1 / 5 / 18 kg


Prevents rubber stamp from being sticky

Packing: 1 Little


The main chemical used for film making

Packing: 1 Little


Plate making medium. 

Suitable for large scale production of rubber stamp

Size: A4

Tracing paper

Medium for computer output (for laser printer)

Size: A4

Black foil

Plate making medium

Fast, convenient and easy

Only requires laminating

See also: laminator

Double sided foam tape

The classic type of tape for rubber stamp

Tissue tape

Packing: 1 roll

Custom size available


Used to cover the liquid gel during the exposure period.