Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamp MachineRubber Stamp Machine

Bulbs: 4 Bulbs

Control: Digital timer

Function: Auto switch off

Alert: Buzzer


Start to make your rubber stamp with our rubber stamp machine

You need only small space to make rubber stamp. It is very good if you are

- having a shop in shopping complex

                                                                 - want to make small investment in rubber stamp

                                                                 We provide you all the materials needed for rubber stamp making.

Rubber Stamp Machine 2

Rubber stamp Machine for high production

- Two trays avilable for exposure

- Stainless steel body

Upgrade version of the portable rubber stamp machine

Rubber Stamp Material

Rubber Stamp Holders

Rubber Stamp Holders

Various kind and size are available

- Classic rubber stamp holder
   (over 100 sizes)

- Self-inking holder

- Handy stamp


The base material for rubber stamp making

Packing: 1 / 5 / 18 kg


Prevents rubber stamp from being sticky

Packing: 1 Little


The main chemical used for film making

Packing: 1 Little


Plate making medium. 

Suitable for large scale production of rubber stamp

Size: A4

Tracing paper

Medium for computer output (for laser printer)

Size: A4

Black foil

Plate making medium

Fast, convenient and easy

Only requires laminating

See also: laminator

Double sided foam tape

The classic type of tape for rubber stamp

Tissue tape

Packing: 1 roll

Custom size available


Used to cover the liquid gel during the exposure period.